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The Douro Region is located in the northeast of Portugal, located in the interior of the country, between the Serra do Marão and Montemuro, and boasts a beauty that is acknowledged to be sublime and unique.

With a climate that is characterized by being dry and hot in summer and rigorous in winter, this region is protected from the winds and precipitation coming from the Atlantic Ocean by the barriers created by high mountains and deep valleys. Its shale soil also has unique properties, which contribute to confer a superior quality to the wine that is produced here.

It is one of the most beautiful wine regions in Europe, slopes rising from the river covered with terraces and levels of vineyards to lose sight of.

It is here that Port wine is born, appreciated for centuries throughout the world, being the first wine region demarcated in the world. In 2001, the Alto Douro Vinhateiro region was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Visiting the Douro at the time of harvest, between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, where several farms open their doors to those who want to participate in the grape harvest and the beginning of wine production, is one of the oldest traditions of our a country that still exists today and is an experience not to be missed.

The visit to the Douro region can begin in the cellars where Port wine ages, in Vila Nova de Gaia, taking advantage of them to meet them and the typical rabelo boats, which transported the wine from the farms. From the Cais de Gaia you can go by boat and enjoy the privileged landscape.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the train, you will have the opportunity to travel through the Douro as in the last century. The Régua station was the most important and Pinhão is one of the most beautiful in the country. If you choose the car as your transport of choice, you will have the opportunity to travel roads and belvederes of incomparable beauty.

Peso da Régua was the first Demarcated Region of Port Wine, being considered its capital. It is a must to stroll along the EN222 between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, a panoramic road, always with the river to accompany the superb landscapes of endless vineyards. It is one of the most beautiful roads in Portugal.

The picturesque village of Pinhão is where the Pinhão River meets the Douro River. Near the village be amazed at the Belvedere of Loivos, one of the most beautiful belvederes of this region. You can also enjoy the village of Favaios, well known for producing another delicious liqueur wine - the Douro Moscatel, which is also appreciated worldwide.

In Vila Nova de Foz Côa is the Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dedicated to the preservation of rock art and its prehistoric representations. The village of Pocinho is especially well-known for its train station, sending us, through its unique tiles dedicated to winemaking, to the times when the grapes were transported for the production of the famous Porto and Douro wines.

Choose one or several areas of the Douro and visit them. There are several routes to choose from, such as a wine route, where you can sample the various types of Port and Douro wine on the various estates dedicated to wine tourism; a cultural route where you can visit the Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley or a route in which privileges the appreciation of the natural beauty of this region, with tours by boat, train or even, more freely and without haste, by car.

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