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In the coastal zone of the Center Region, Aveiro emerges as a city that grew on the banks of the Ria de Aveiro.

To arrive in Aveiro is to arrive at a city without equal in Portugal. Where it circulates through its channels and at the same time if it is by the sea. As we stroll through the city we notice a style of decoration of the buildings - the Art Nouveau - that gives color and life to the banks of the Ria de Aveiro. Stroll a lot, but do not forget the delicacy queen of the city: the soft eggs!

The Ria de Aveiro is an essential element of the city, not being able to speak of one without the other. It gives it a unique identity, surrounding the city of canals, which makes the city be identified by many as the "Venice of Portugal". Venture out on a boat trip, on typical Aveiro boats, the Moliceiros, and enjoy the scenery.

No one thinks of Aveiro without recalling the famous houses painted with colorful stripes of Costa Nova. Initially, these "haystacks" were used by the fishermen for housekeeping. Over the years, they were transformed into summer houses, as more and more Costa Nova beach was sought after by the properties of its water, rich in iodine. If you visit Costa Nova, do not miss the market, with freshly caught seafood, and the famous casings of Aveiro that are sold in the street.

Salt production in the Ria de Aveiro was an important important economic activity over several centuries, with the salt pans still preserved and some still in operation. Visit them and find out more about this secular activity.

Near the salt flats is the University Campus of Aveiro, which resembles a small city, built by several of the most prominent Portuguese architects. One of the most innovative and dynamic universities in the country that brought a new life to the city.

It is a must for nature and hiking enthusiasts to spend a day strolling through the Paiva Passios, in Arouca, near the Paiva River, considered one of the cleanest rivers in the world and where you can enjoy a swim in Vau Fluvial Beach. Another of the obligatory stops is the Serra da Freita, also in Arouca, where you can get lost for a few days to discover the various pedestrian paths filled with the most diverse landscapes, from mountains, lakes and streams of unique colors. If you can, take a leap to Espinho for a beautiful beach day and do not forget to try Espinho's famous shrimp.

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